art PRACTICE 2013


One Hour / Live Performance

Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, California

In this Live Performance piece I use my body to push 60 feet of white fabric as a metaphor of the ‘white cube’ as the concept that defines the inside of the gallery, to explore the connections and disconnections between the gallery dynamics, the public space and the artist. 

Both performances are durational pieces, pushing the limits of my body.

As an artist I am interested in explore and conceptualize through the art experience issues related to gender and power relationships, as they manifests in culture and language. I also explore the relationships between artist and public and the connections and disconnections between the white cube and the public sphere.


One Hour / Live Performance

The Diego Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute



Steamed rice, US Passport, ID Cards, Credit Cards, International Bills

In this Live Performance piece I explore the relationship between the public and the artist, the creation of the art object as a collective experience and the symbolic relationships between international exchanges, the political/juridical/national documents and the art work as an object with metaphorical and conceptual relations. I used my body to transform the material characteristics of the rice. The public feed me, I chewed the rice an split it on the documents to create the visual connection between the two materials.

– Raquel Torres-Arzola, 2021. Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved on texts and images.