art PRACTICE 2019-2022

2015 - 2022

El lugar de la memoria, project. 2005 – 2022

El lugar de la memoria explores the poetic and political relations that converge in the Puerto Rico’s Police Department document that officially announces the disappearance of my younger brother, event that happened on 2005 and remains unresolved. Through this work I am exploring how to deconstruct the document file photograph as a criminal icon, and how to relate paradoxically his violent erasure with the infinite multiplication of the file image through the web. 


Pieles negres, máscaras blancas

Apropiación e intervención crítica y creativa de corte feminista y contemporáneo al libro Piel Negras, Máscaras Blancas del autor Franz Fanon, según traducida por Ana Useros Martín.

[An appropriation and a critical and creative intervention from a feminist perspective to the book Black Skin, White Masks by the author Franz Fanon, as translated by Ana Useros Martín]

Primera entrada:

Raquel Torres-Arzola, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 202


Independent investigator and independent curator for

Anarchy and Dialectic in Desire:

Gender and Marginalization in Puerto Rico

A three years independent research, 120 artists exhibition.

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Part 1 – Dialectic

Part 2 – Anarchy

Part 3 – Desire