art PRACTICE 2014-2015


Read Ysla i Resaca text by Carla Acevedo-Yates.


“Peregrina” (Peregrine), Installation, 2014.  This installation addres the relations between the female artist as a subject and the city. I was invited by the director of the Puerto Rican Culture Institute to make and Installation as a contemporary dialog between the installations of two other female artists of the 1990’s. I used wreckage of buildings I picked up in the city and used them to make the installation. I incorporated a dynamic trace in red thread.


This series titled The personal is not political, the political is personal uses photography as the starting point to create a series of objects/installations. An amount of four individual photographs are accompanied by seven diptychs. The diptychs relate the formal aspects of the pieces with the double statement that is contained in the title of the series and aims to suggest two possible scenarios in which dominants/submissive, differences/similitudes, private actions/public actions are not directly named but suggested. 

The intention of the series is to confront the spectator with the feminist statement “The personal is political” and the way the contemporary and highly mediated society promotes this statement and its implications in a superficially way. 

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