“In this sense, to paraphrase Walter Benjamin, “contemporary art” appears as the figure of a revolution in standstill, awaiting the moment of resolution.” Cuauhtémoc Medina

This BLOG is a place to think, to make questions, to discuss the theoretical and practical inquisitiveness about and from the  contemporary art practice, with a particular emphasis in latin-american and caribbean movements… among another things.


Untitled, One hour performance, 2013

Untitled, Raquel Torres-Arzola, 2013.
One hour performance at The Diego Gallery, San Francisco, CA.




My creative interests and artistic practice are principally related to my own country as an idea and as an experience of a conflicted home. I confront my gender, racial and class experiences with the concepts of nation, social structures, community, justice, geography, the body and the self from a decolonial perspective. 

The formal and conceptual aspects of my work are nurtured by philosophy, history and sociology. I work mainly with light sensitive techniques such as digital and analog photography and video, and explore its conceptual and metaphorical connections to objects, installations, language and my own body as a container of meanings. Recently, I started to explore with silkscreen printing as a tool to reproduce images and text within the mechanics of my own body over a variety of surfaces.



(b. 1976, San Juan, Puerto Rico) 

Raquel Torres-Arzola is a Puerto Rican interdisciplinary artist working mainly with photography, video, objects, installations, language and her own body as a container of meanings in relation with context and place. She earned a BA in Puerto Rican and Caribbean History from the University of Puerto Rico (1999) and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute (2014). Through her work she explores conceptually the relations between memory, language, gender constructions and power relationships, and has been exhibited at institutional and experimental spaces in Puerto Rico, United States and Spain.


contact: raqueltorresarzola@gmail.com


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